At Charis, we do not ask students to learn the way we teach, but we teach the way our students learn.

What the kids are saying about Charis:

"I like that I can focus on my work and in 20 minutes I get a break. " - 4th grade student

"The hands on learning that Charis uses makes my academics easier to understand. The way we connect with one another is amazing and it is a great school where you can be uniquely different and be accepted! " - 8th grade student

"Charis is special to me because everyone seems like family here! I love being with kids that are going through the same thing as me and they are sweet." - 6th grade student

"Charis allows me to be free to be me and not judged by others because we're all in it together!"  - 6th grade student 


What parents are saying about Charis:

"My child has never been so happy to go to school EVER!" 

"My son has made friends for the first time in his life and that has brought so much joy into our home." 

"My daughter is actually liking math!" 

"My son wakes up asking to go to school." 

"My son enjoys learning and going to school for the first time in his entire academic career!" 

"My son has finally made friends who accept him and encourage him for who he is." 

"Thank you for seeing my child!" 



Please Note:

Charis Academy is not able to meet the needs of individuals with any history of, or current tendencies for, violent, aggressive, or severe elopement behaviors.

All students are accepted to Charis Academy on a probationary period. 

Charis Academy is a program of Nuevos Caminos Mission

A registered 501(C)3 Non-Profit