What is a multi-sensory approach in teaching?

Multi-Sensory approaches teach reading and writing (including spelling) through using Auditory (hearing), Visual (sight) and Kinesthetic (movement/touch) pathways. This gives multiple pathways for the information to reach the brain. It is diagnostic as it involves constant testing and reflection on the knowledge of the student. It is systematic and seeks to unite the components of written language. Thus it treats sound-symbol knowledge, oral language (grammar and pronunciation), written language conventions and handwriting in an organized and integrated fashion.

What is Direct Instruction?

Direct Instruction (DI) is a model for teaching that emphasizes well-developed and carefully planned lessons designed around small learning increments, (our 20 minute model), and clearly defined and prescribed teaching tasks. The theory is that a clear instruction that eliminates the occurrences of  misinterpretation can greatly improve accelerated learning. 

The DI model at Charis:

  • Each students is placed in an instructional level that is appropriate for them

  • Each instructional level is designed to ensure mastery of the content

  • Each program is organized so that skills are introduced gradually giving each student time to learn and apply those skills before learning a new skill

  • Instruction is modified to accommodate each student's rate of learning

 Our curriculum is highly customized to meet the need of each individual child using the Direct Instruction Model, Pearson, McGraw Hill, Math U See, and Winston Grammar 

Please Note:

Charis Academy is not able to meet the needs of individuals with any history of, or current tendencies for, violent, aggressive, or severe elopement behaviors.

All students are accepted to Charis Academy on a probationary period. 

Charis Academy is a program of Nuevos Caminos Mission

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